Gtak5 for Kontakt5 is out now! Gtak (for Kontakt3) comes with a free upgrade to Gtak4 and Gtak5!

With Gtak, MIDI guitar users get easy access to Native Instruments Kontakt3's sonic arsenal of 33 GB of world-class samples and 1000 instruments.

  • Gtak runs inside Kontakt instruments (technically a KSP script), making them work seamlessly with Guitar to MIDI converters.
  • Comes with versions of all 1000 instruments from Kontakt's standard library tweaked for instant use.
  • No need to make settings or load one instrument per string. Everything just works.

To use Gtak you must have Kontakt3 from Native Instruments and a Guitar to MIDI converter, for instance the AXON AX100 or AX50 or Roland GR/GI units.

Gtak screenshot - String splitGtak screenshot - One backing and one solo instrument

Before purchasing you should read the License, it tells you what you can and can not do with Gtak. For instance you can not share patches that contain Gtak except with other registered Gtak users through this site.

Gtak is supplied as a download only. The file size is about 35 megabytes.

You must have Kontakt3 and its instrument library installed to use Gtak.

Grand Piano with Gtak Load an instrument and play, no need to load six instances to cope with pitchbend for each string. Gtak detects the pitchbend information that the Guitar to MIDI converter generates when you play bends, hammer ons, pull offs and slides and applies it to the correct notes.
  • Here's a quick overview video of Gtak, why it's needed and some of the things it can do.

  • Here's how Gtak works with a MIDI pedal board to let you switch between instruments (in this case 17 different instruments) without you having to take your hands off your guitar.

Supplied Library Instruments

The supplied library instruments:

  • Tweaked versions of 1079 instruments from the Kontakt 3 library. For copyright reasons we do not supply the library's samples, these are installed when you install Kontakt 3.
  • The Gtak script has been inserted in evey instrument.
  • Each instrument has appropriately chosen settings for Pitchbend quantisation and note retiggering.
  • Each instrument has been octave shifted so that the maximum number of notes fall in the guitar's range
  • Instruments that use Kontakt's Drum Computer and Groovebox scripts have been set up so that the 12 patterns are triggered by playing notes on the low E string. Individual hits are mapped to the upper strings.
  • In addition to the Groovebox control on the E string, Intruments from the Urban Beats collection have the A string mapped to control the Master FX presets - giving instant access to filters, delays and more.
  • Instruments that use keyswitching (for example to switch between different playing styles: pizzicato, sustained etc.) have been mapped so that playing notes on the Low E string performs the keyswitch.
  • Legato Instruments from the VSL Orchestra collection have been modified so that the special legato samples are triggered when hammer ons, pull off and slides are played.
  • Instruments which do not have notes low enough to cover the range of the guitar have been extended downwards to avoid unexpected dead spots.
  • We have made many modifications Native Intrument's scripts to work correctly with the Gtak script.
  • It would be great to see this kind of provision built into all software instruments ... but in the meantime GTAK offers a lifeline to Kontakt-based MIDI guitar users. Given its low cost ... anyone who plays MIDI guitar and who owns Kontakt 3 would do well to invest.

    Even Harmonic’s GTAK is a clever Kontakt 3 KSP script application which turns Kontakt 3 and its built-in library a great, expressive sound library for anyone with a MIDI guitar system.


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  • "if you own a MIDI guitar and you use Kontakt 3, or if you’re a MIDI guitarist looking for a software sampler, you’d be crazy to overlook this very fortuitous pairing. Gtak and Kontakt 3 are an unbeatable combination"

    Value (1 through 5): 5


The demo version of Gtak works with the demo version of Kontakt3, so anyone with a Guitar to MIDI converter, computer and soundcard can try the system. We do not have a Gtak5 or Gtak4 demo, but the Gtak demo covers almost all of Gtak5 and Gtak4's features.

The demo will also work in the full versions of either Kontatk3, 4 or 5 (although you may get reports of missing impulse response files in Kontakt4 or 5).

Installation is as simple as unzipping the file, and then placing the Gtak folder in your Kontakt library directory (see the Gtak manual for more details). Then, in Kontakt, just load the Gtak multi followed by the instruments you want to try.

In Kontakt5 you will get messages about missing sample files, this is because NI have moved all the samples. When the message comes up:

  • check the box near the bottom for "Allow alternative file types"
  • click "Browse for folder" then select the "Samples" folder under "Kontakt Factory Library"
  • the samples should then all be found
  • you can then save the instrument with the new sample paths

On some instruments there will be a few files still not found, these don't matter, so just click "Skip Missing" if this happens.

The main demo limitations are:

  • Only 7 instruments - the same 7 that come with the Kontakt3 demo
  • Instruments only run for 30 minutes
  • State is not saved
  • There is no config panel, so you can not change any of the things that are changed there (tuning, transposing, midi channels, automation modes etc)

The 7 instruments are (we didn't pick them, these are the ones that come with the Kontakt3 demo!):

  • Jazz Basic: Organ
  • Uilleann Pipes: NI set the drones to latch which can be confusing, you can turn the latching off in the Instrument panel.
  • Green Bag - Urban Beats kit: patterns mapped to low E string, effects presets mapped to A string
  • Kora
  • Harpsichord
  • 808 Kit: with drum computer patterns mapped to low E string
  • Cerulean: Synth Pad.

Have fun!