Gtak FAQ:

I have a "Powered by Kontakt" Instrument but not the full version of Kontakt, can I use Gtak?
No, you must have the full version of Kontakt to use Gtak
The instrument display is all messed up, how can I fix it?
This is caused by a missing pictures folder. The manual descibes how to install the pictures folder for Mac and for Windows.
Does Gtak work with a particular 3rd party Kontakt Instrument?
It might work or it might not. There is no way to tell without trying it. This is because the Kontakt Scripting system does not isolate scripts from each other, so it is possible for the scripts in the 3rd party instrument to interfere with Gtak.
Do I need Gtak to use a MIDI guitar with Kontakt?
You do not need Gtak to use Kontakt with a MIDI guitar. Gtak just makes the process much easier and adds some additional features. If you do not mind spending time setting up instruments in Kontakt and you do not need the additional features such as fret splitting and pedal control, then you do not need Gtak.
What other equipment do I need to use Gtak?
Several things:
  • A guitar to MIDI system e.g:
    • The Fishman Tripleplay system
    • A pickup for your guitar (eg a Roland GK3a)
    • and a Guitar to MIDI Converter (eg Axon AX100 / AX50 or Roland GR33 / GI20 / VG99)
  • A computer with a Soundcard and MIDI interface (unless your Guitar to MIDI converter has a USB output)
  • Kontakt from Native Instruments