StompSynth is a modular analog synth where the modules are in stomp pedal form! It combines modular synthesis with guitar specific features with stomp switch controlability and it the perfect partner to our StompBrain controller. It is currently a prototype, which I have been gradually improving over the last few years.

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There are four modules at the moment:

  • VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) - which makes the notes.
  • VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) - shapes the timbre of the notes.
  • ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) - makes envelopes to control the notes.
  • VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) - applies the envelope to control the volume of the notes.

Each module has stomp switches on it so you can change the sound while playing. They also have various extra features like LFO (Low Frequency Oscillators) and mixers.

Each row of modules can handle two notes, so the three row setup above can handle six notes, or one per string (you might notice that the brain in this picture is different - it is a previous prototype).

Here are some videos to give you an idea of what it can do...

Demo video from the Audio Developer Conference

Sonicstate interview from SynthFest. This was very late in the day and dozens of people had fiddled with the knobs, so StompSynth was in a fairly random state!

Little demo showing the different StompSynth modules with a sequencer