Gtak6 gives MIDI guitar users easy access to over 800 instruments from Native Instruments' Kontakt Factory Library's 43GB sonic arsenal.

  • Gtak6 runs inside Kontakt6 instruments (as a KSP script), making them work seamlessly with Guitar to MIDI converters.
  • Comes with versions of over 800 instruments from Kontakt6's standard library tweaked for instant use.
  • No need to make settings or load one instrument per string. Everything just works.

Customers who have earlier versions of Gtak can upgrade to Gtak6.

Two Gtak6 instruments in Kontakt6 rack

To use Gtak6 you must have Kontakt6 from Native Instruments and a Guitar to MIDI converter, for instance the Fishman TriplePlay, AXON AX100 or AX50 or Roland GR/GI units.

More information about Kontakt6 is available from the Native Instruments site. Gtak6 comes with versions of most of the instruments in this library except for Retro Machines and most of the VSL Legacy Instruments.

Before purchasing you should read the License, it tells you what you can and cannot do with Gtak6. For instance you cannot share patches that contain Gtak6.

Many thanks to Marcelo Fraga for inspiring me to work on Gtak6 and for putting in countless hours testing it!

Gtak6 is supplied as a download only. The file size is about 50 megabytes.

You must have the full version of Kontakt6 and its instrument library installed to use Gtak6.

Gtak6 does not work with the free Kontakt 6 Player instrument.

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