The demo version of Gtak works with the full version of Kontakt6. Gtak does not work with Kontakt Player instruments.

Installation is as simple as unzipping the file, and then placing the Gtak folder in your Kontakt library folder and copying the pictures folder into (see the Gtak6 manual for more details). Then, in Kontakt6, just load the Gtak6 multi followed by the instruments you want to try.

The main demo limitations are:

  • Only 8 instruments
  • Instruments only run for 30 minutes
  • State is not saved
  • There is no config panel, so you can not change any of the things that are changed there (tuning, transposing, midi channels, automation modes etc)

The instruments are:

  • Jazz Basic: Organ
  • Choir Vowels: A choir with keyswitching on the low E string
  • Uilleann Pipes: NI set the drones to latch which can be confusing, you can turn the latching off in the Instrument panel.
  • Green Bag - Urban Beats kit: patterns mapped to low E string, effects presets mapped to A string
  • Kora
  • Harpsichord
  • 808 Kit: with drum computer patterns mapped to low E string
  • Cerulean: Synth Pad.

Have fun!