Gtak4 Script Features

Main features of the Gtak4 Script

  • No need to load 6 instances of each instrument! Load up a single instrument and play - bends, slides and hammers all work.
  • Fill Kontakt's rack with up to 64 instruments and play as many as you like.
  • For each instrument:
    • select which strings, fret range and picking position (Axon only) it responds to with a few mouse clicks
    • select how pitch bend is handled: unquantised, quantised, automatic or retrigger
    • transpose individual strings or the whole instrument
    • assign a foot pedal (or some notes on a particular string) to control hold, sustain or muting.
  • All settings are saved in your song (plugin version) or Kontakt Multi for instant recall.
  • No need to switch settings on your Guitar to MIDI converter.
  • Smart Controller routing can route controllers to whichever instrument played last. For instance, the wheel controller can automatically control the volume of whatever sound you are playing.