To celebrate our entry into the world of plugins, we're releasing a free one! HMT1 is a VST plugin for MIDI guitarists who use software instruments. Instead of sending your MIDI straight to a soft synth, route it through HMT1 for extra control.

With HMT1 you can:

  • turn individual strings on and off
  • route any string to any MIDI channel
  • turn the MIDI on and off using a foot pedal
  • block pitchbend messages

With Multiple HMT1's and software instruments:

  • Quickly set up different instruments on different strings
  • Switch between instruments using a MIDI pedalboard using the pedal control section
  • Audition instruments that don't react to midi guitar pitchbend properly by blocking pitchbend

And there are lots of flashing lights so you can see what's happening to your MIDI.

Download from the download page.

Installation - Windows

  • unzip the zip file
  • copy the HMT1.dll file into your VST plugins directory

Installation - OSX

  • open the installer and follow the intructions

Once you have HMT1 running click the Even Harmonic logo for some basic usage instructions.

If you have any problems (or just want to get in touch!) use our contact form.