Gtak5 Library Instruments

The supplied library instruments

  • Tweaked versions of 800 instruments from the Kontakt5 library. For copyright reasons we do not supply the library's samples, these are installed when you install Kontakt5.
  • The Gtak5 script has been inserted in every instrument.
  • Each instrument has appropriately chosen settings for Pitchbend quantisation and note retiggering.
  • Each instrument has been octave shifted so that the maximum number of notes fall in the guitar's range.
  • Instruments that use Kontakt5's Drum Computer and Groovebox scripts have been set up so that the 12 patterns are triggered by playing notes on the low E string. Individual hits are mapped to the upper strings.
  • In addition to the Groovebox control on the E string, instruments from the Urban Beats collection have the A string mapped to control the Master FX presets - giving instant access to filters, delays and more.
  • Instruments that use keyswitching (for example to switch between different playing styles: pizzicato, sustained etc.) are also supplied in versions where playing notes on the Low E string performs the keyswitch.
  • Instruments that use Dynamic Keyswitching also have this controlled from the Low E string.
  • Legato Instruments from the VSL Orchestra collection have been modified so that the special legato samples are triggered when hammer ons, pull offs and slides are played.
  • Instruments which do not have notes low enough to cover the range of the guitar have been extended downwards to avoid unexpected dead spots.
  • We have made many modifications to Native Instrument's scripts to work correctly with the Gtak5 script.
  • Instruments from the new Retro Machines bank are not included because Native Instruments have changed the format of intrument files make this hard to do.
  • Instruments from the old VSL Legacy bank are not included because these have been replaced by more flexible instruments in the Orchestra bank. However the Legacy legato instruments are included because these do not appear anywhere else in the library.